Infinite Facade™

Infinite Facade redefines how owners and design teams approach the facade system. It is a single source solution for the complete building envelope that meets or exceeds code requirements, utilizes a standard frame and connections, while giving design teams complete design flexibility.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated scope for a complete weather barrier system
  • Windows installed off-site
  • Factory-installed insulation
  • Manufactured off-site
  • Aesthetically flexible system
  • Reduced schedule
  • Single point of contact through occupancy & warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Resilient
  • Drywall ready

Conversations with the Facade Squad

Join us once a month for quick 30 minute conversations on all things facades. We promise this won’t be boring, just two guys that love to talk about facades, materials and design.

Every month we will focus on a different topic, drill down to the nitty-gritty details and at the end, hopefully you had a good time and learn something new.

We look forward to seeing you live in a session or watch on demand at your convenience.

Why Attend?

  • Learn something new about facades
  • Be part of a great conversation
  • Collaborate with other design professionals
  • Have fun | Laugh a little


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Jim and Dan, The Facade Squad

Webinar: Simplifying the Building Envelope with Infinite Facade

Building exterior with building envelope gif

You can now watch on demand our discussion on simplifying building envelope design with the Infinite Facade, a single source building envelope solution. You will learn:

  • How a single source solution envelope reduces risk for both design teams and owners
  • Target Value Design process – meeting the project’s vision to the budget
  • Strategies to consider for prefabricated envelope systems
  • Design Options and Considerations


The building envelope is the most difficult part of the building to design; reasonably so, as design teams are expected to meet client and aesthetic expectations while meeting performance standards and regulations.

The complete building envelope manufactured offsite

…with design flexibility

Design Assistance

Infinite Facade™ encompasses three main categories that streamline the design and budgeting development, enabling rapid design iterations and ensuring budget and schedule certainty.

Baseline Pricing Additional Pricing Options
Design Category Baseline Design Premium Design Custom Design
Frame Design Standard Sandwich Frame Standard Bypass Frame Custom
Mix Design & Colors • Standard Concrete Mixes & Colors (Download Clark Pacific'sStandard Finishes Guide) • Premium Concrete Mixes • GFRC Mixes • Premium Concrete & GFRC Mixes • Multiple Colors in the Same Panel
Finishes Lights, Medium & Heady Sand Blasts, Polish, Stains, Faux Metal, Form Liners, Stone, Brick, Tile & Metal Panel (Over Concrete)
Shape Flat 2 1/4" Thick Concrete Skin with 1/2" Deep Max Reveals Articulation up to 4" Total Skin Thickness Except at Returns Custom
Window Type 40/60 WWR to Meet Prescriptive Requirements, Fixed Window Captured System Higher WWRS, SSG & Operable Windows & Vents Custom
Returns Around Windows No Yes: 4", 6", & 8" Returns Custom (9" Max)
Panel Returns Up to 8" Up to 12" Custom

Infinite Facade™ paves the way for the design team to take advantage of prefabricated systems for reduced costs, increased efficiency and less risk, all without compromising design.

Samples of precast color spectrum
Precast Finish Spectrum
This aesthetically flexible system is standardized and prefabricated, and the exterior finish options are limitless. In addition to the wide variety of colors and textures currently available in traditional precast, other materials can be cast into the exterior veneer – such as brick, terracotta and stone. The use of form liners allows for an endless number of geometric patterns and reveals to be incorporated into the design. Other accent materials, such as metal panels, can be factory-mounted to the exterior veneer, further increasing design and material options.


We source high quality and proven exterior window systems for projects and install at the manufacturing facility, further reducing jobsite impacts. We have formed partnerships with some of the top window manufacturers in the country for solutions specific to Infinite Facade.

The panel and the window system are engineered as a single solution. The design and detailing of the window connections are done as part of the exterior cladding package so details are coordinated and included in one exterior enclosure submittal.

This provides:

  • Greater control over quality of window installation
  • Installation is performed at ground level in controlled conditions
  • Window testing is performed in factory prior to arriving onsite
  • Factory installed windows allow for faster enclosure schedules
  • Number of trades on construction site is reduced
  • Eliminates the need for material staging onsite
  • Panel openings are shipped to the site weather-tight, allowing other trades to start sooner
  • Eliminates need for temporary enclosures at window openings


Based on FMI research, the building envelope is the most difficult part of the building to design. Reasonably so, the design must strike the right balance between aesthetics and meeting performance standards and regulations, while satisfying client expectations and budget. Infinite Facade eliminates the need to design what is behind the facade, because it is a standardized integrated system, leaving more time to focus on the design possibilities.

Graph of opinions of stakeholders and commercial institutional market segments

Tested & Proven

We designed and tested our system to meet or exceed these standards

  • Air Infiltration ASTM E283
  • Static Pressure Water Resistance ASTM E331
  • Dynamic Pressure Water Resistance AAMA 501.1
  • Structural Performance ASTM E330
  • Seismic Movement (Interstory) AAMA 501.4
  • Sound Transmission ASTM E90
  • In-situ Water Test AAMA 503.03
  • Fire Resistance Rating ASTM E119, NFPA 285
  • CA Title 24

Glumac Energy Reports

Infinite Facade has undergone climate and energy testing in four western and five mid-western regions, proving that Infinite Facade optimizes occupant comfort and saves energy costs.

Western U.S.
Mid-West U.S.

About Us

Clark Pacific and Wells Concrete have partnered to form the Facades Consortium Group, LLC. and offer nationwide availability of Infinite Facade. Driven by increasing demand for lightweight wall panel systems, this partnership will accelerate research, development and evolution of complete envelope solutions.

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